Tuberculosis (TB)

Facts at a glance

  • HIV kills more than 6000 people every day worldwide

  • Around 5000 people die from TB every day although TB is curable

  • After HIV, TB is the greatest infectious killer of young people and adults in the world today

  • TB is among the leading killers of people living with HIV (PLHIV)

  • 12% of HIV deaths globally are due to TB and up to half in some settings

  • 13 million people living with HIV are at risk of developing TB

  • Up to 50% of TB patients in African countries are also HIV positive

  • In some regions of Africa, up to 80% of adult TB patients are HIV-infected

  • There were 630, 000 new TB/HIV cases in 2005

  • TB is treatable and curable, even in people living with HIV

  • Treatment of TB can prolong and improve the quality of life for HIV-positive people

  • If TB is left unchecked in the next 20 years, almost one billion people will become newly infected, 200 million will develop the disease, and 35 million will die of it

  • More people are dying of TB today than ever before

  • Late diagnosis of TB and untreated HIV in some countries result in one third of HIV-positive patients dying within weeks of being treated for TB