Tuberculosis (TB)

Key bottlenecks in M/XDR-TB control and patient care

Financing M/XDR-TB control and care

To achieve the target set out in the Global Plan to Stop TB 2006–2015, 1.4 million cases of M/XDR-TB will need to be treated in the 27 countries with the highest burden in the seven years 2009–2015, according to this paper. The total cost of diagnosing and treating 1.4 million cases (including infection control) amounts to US$ 16.9 billion over seven years, rising from US$ 0.7 billion in 2009 to US$ 4.4 billion in 2015; the latter figure is 61 times the funding available in 2009. Most funding is required in the European Region (US$ 8.9 billion), followed by Asia (US$ 7.1 billion). The first step, in order to mobilize the required funding, is the preparation of country-specific budgets as part of national strategic plans for TB control. WHO has prepared a planning and budgeting tool for this purpose. Domestic resources need to be accessed especially in middle income countries. If sufficient domestic funding cannot be mobilized, countries should make full use of resources available from the Global Fund, UNITAID, and other donor agencies and financial mechanisms.