Tuberculosis (TB)

The Green Light Committee (GLC) Initiative

How does the Green Light Committee monitor programmes?

GLC Initiative

Programmes approved by the GLC are monitored annually via site visits to ensure continued adherence to their original protocols and WHO guidelines. Monitoring and evaluation activities are managed by the GLC Secretariat and WHO regional offices and are carried out by GLC-endorsed consultants. The team leader of each monitoring mission is responsible for submitting a written report to the GLC Secretariat within two weeks following the site visit. In addition, the project manager for each GLC-approved programme is required to submit an annual report to the GLC Secretariat within one month of the anniversary of the programme’s approval.

Gaps or deficiencies identified in either the annual programme report or the monitoring report should be rectified by the programme seeking technical assistance. If, after reassessment, the programme is still found to be in violation of the approved protocol, the GLC has the option of withdrawing approval for further procurement of second-line anti-TB drugs through the GLC Initiative.