Tuberculosis (TB)

The Green Light Committee (GLC) Initiative

How are services provided by the Green Light Committee Initiative funded?

GLC Initiative

The Stop TB Partnership and WHO raise funds to sustain the work of the GLC, in accordance with WHO established policies and principles, from national and government-supported agencies, regional and international organizations, nongovernmental organizations, universities, research institutions and other sources.

In addition, following the 13th Board Meeting of the Global Fund, a cost-sharing mechanism was introduced into all Global Fund grants with an MDR-TB component. This cost-sharing mechanism is a flat-fee payment of US$50,000 to the GLC Secretariat per Global Fund grant, per year of implementation of an MDR-TB component. Funding from this mechanism helps support the efforts of the GLC Initiative in countries receiving Global Fund grants. Funds are used for convening GLC meetings, supporting the work of the GLC Secretariat, participating in the GLC by member institutions, carrying out needs assessment of programmes, monitoring and evaluating GLC-approved programmes, and in some cases, paying for second-line anti-TB drugs for GLC-approved programmes (through support from UNITAID).

The WHO Stop TB Department monitors new funding initiatives to explore possibilities of funding the MDR-TB management scale-up in countries with limited resources.