Tuberculosis (TB)

Global Fund grant support and guidance

The Global Fund is the most important source of external funding for TB control in countries constituting up to 70% of external funding. The Stop TB Strategy provides the framework to plan activities within Global Fund TB proposals that fit within the overall framework of the Global Plan to Stop TB, 2011-2015, which provides costed targets. The WHO/Stop TB Strategy Planning Matrix/Frameworks, Budgeting Tool and related technical assistance are designed to help TB proposals align planning for all components of the Stop TB Strategy with the Global Plan to Stop TB 2006-2015, which can lead to smooth grant implementation.


The Stop TB Department coordinates with technical partners to fulfil the following objectives:

  • support countries and ensure maximal use of Global Fund grants to fill financial resource gaps;
  • promote national level planning and budgeting for TB control in line with National TB Strategic Plans;
  • work with the Global Fund on standardization of requirements to ensure alignment with the Stop TB Strategy, thereby simplifying access to and implementation of Global Fund TB grants;
  • strengthen capacity of National TB Programmes (NTPs), other TB implementers, technical assistance providers on Global Fund policies and procedures;



TBTEAM, which is managed by the WHO Stop TB Department and whose secretariat is also hosted by the WHO Stop TB Department, was created by the Stop TB Partnership in 2007. TBTEAM engages the network of Stop TB partners, including National TB Programmes, local and international NGOs, financial partners, and WHO at country, regional and global levels to ensure a more coordinated and efficient approach to technical assistance.

For more information visit the TBTEAM web site