Tuberculosis (TB)

Preparing TB proposals to submit to the Global Fund

For Round 7, we recommend the use of the following tools:

Stop TB Planning Matrix (TB addendum to the Global Fund M&E Toolkit) which gives the general structure of the proposal and lists Stop TB Strategy Service Delivery Areas (SDAs). The planning frameworks complement this matrix with additional detailed description of each section of the matrix.

Stop TB Planning Frameworks explain the activities, budget lines and indicators of components and sub-components of the Stop TB Strategy that could be included in a proposal form.

Stop TB Planning and Budgeting Tool can be used to prepare a workplan and budget for Global Fund proposals (and later grant agreements). It is fully in line with the matrix and planning frameworks mentioned above. It also provides the possibility of identifying the funding source of activities and will provide reports that break down the budget according to the categories used by the Global Fund. (see link below, together with the user name and password). Assistance with using the tool is available, if needed, via the Feedback section on the web site.

Please address any technical queries on the proposal development process to: This e-mail is supported by the WHO Stop TB Department in Geneva and draws on expertise from the entire Stop TB network.

GDF toolkit for Global Fund applicants and recipients

TB planning and budgeting tool