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TBTEAM events

Meeting on TB Technical Assistance Planning including Global Fund in the African Region (30 November - 2 December 2011)

The first African regional meeting called to discuss technical assistance including Global Fund using the TBTEAM mechanism took place in Harare 30th November to 2nd December. Participants from 25 African Countries met 11 TBTEAM partners including WHO, USAID, the Global Fund, TBCARE I, TBCARE II, KNCV, the UNION, CDC, MSH, GLRA, RCQHC (Regional Centre for quality Health Care ). The meeting reviewed latest developments in the Stop TB strategy, reviewed existing country and regional TBTEAM technical assistance experiences and supported countries to develop/update country specific TBTEAM technical assistance plans for the coming year 2012. The meeting report and presentations are attached.


Update on TB Strategy

Global Fund /TBTEAM and Technical Assistance at country level

Group work presentations

Country TA Issues Strengths weaknesses and way forward

TBTEAM Regional Plan support development

Annual TBTEAM Meeting, 22-23 June 2011

The TBTEAM was established in 2007 by the Stop TB partnership (with the Secretariat based in the Stop TB department) to strengthen national planning and coordination among partners. The Annual TBTEAM meeting is jointly organized with a the Stop TB Global Planning meeting for WHO staff and provides a possibility for regional and country TBTEAM focal points and main Stop TB technical partners to provide updates on current TBTEAM activities. During this year's meeting the focus of the discussions will be the revised strategic directions of TBTEAM and the subsequent plans for developing TA plans in priority countries and improving systematically country coordination for technical assistance and GF grant performance. Discussions will also include updates on the latest Global Fund policies and procedures regarding the evolving grant architecture and the Round 11 preparations.


TBTEAM Meeting
25 June 2010

A TBTEAM Meeting was held at the John Knox Centre, Geneva, Switzerland, inform regional TBTEAM focal points and main Stop TB technical partners on the current TBTEAM activities, including (1) status of National TBTEAMs, (2) update on the changes of the web site, including the email alert system, (3) USG contribution update and planning for next round of funding, and (4) the quality control for the TBTEAM web site.

Annual Planning Meeting
15 October 2009

A TBTEAM Planning Meeting was held at the Centre International des Conférences, Geneva, Switzerland, to discuss three main topics: (session 1) National TBTEAM scaling up, National TA plans and National TB plans, (session 2) the new TBTEAM web site, launched in June 2009 including Post-mission quality Assessment, and (3) TA capacity-building.


Stop TB Partnership Partners' Forum
Rio de Janeiro 23 - 25 March 2009
Annual Planning Meeting
13 October 2008