Tuberculosis (TB)

The Global Plan to Stop TB 2006–2015

The Global Plan to Stop TB launched worldwide

The Global Plan to Stop TB, 2006-2015 was launched in Davos, Switzerland on Friday, 27 January 2006. From left to right: HE Olusegun Obasanjo, President of Nigeria; Bill Gates Jr, Co-Chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Marcos Espinal, Executive Secretary, Stop TB Partnership; Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP, UK Chancellor of the Exchequer

The Global Plan to Stop TB 2006-2015 Actions for Life, was launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in January 2006, following 18 months of consultation and research. WHO Stop TB staff were heavily involved in the Global Plan's development, and took part in a series of high profile launches.

Full funding of this new Global Plan will achieve:

  • achievement of the Millennium Development Goal: “to have halted by 2015 and begun to reverse the incidence” of TB
  • access to quality TB diagnosis and treatment for all
  • 14 million lives saved
  • 50 million people treated for TB in total
  • 3 million TB patients co-infected with HIV put on to anti-retrovirals
  • nearly one million people treated for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB)
  • the first new TB drug in 40 years by 2010
  • a new vaccine by 2015
  • rapid and inexpensive diagnostic tests at the point of care.
WHO Stop TB Director Dr Mario Raviglione - interviewed on Canada's CTV on the impact of the Global Plan.

"WHO has been heavily involved in the development of the new Global Plan to Stop TB. The plan is built on concrete foundations put in place by the previous five year plan. This resulted in a doubling in detection of cases, improved access to TB treatment by nearly 15 million, and promising research and development for new TB drugs and diagnostics that could be available in developing countries by as soon as 2010. Now the efforts of those last five years must be doubled, to ensure our target for 2015 - to reach the UN's Millennium Development Goals - is met."

WHO Stop TB Coordinator Dr Chris Dye - appeared on BBC World television as part of the media activities in London around the Global Plan.
Chris Dye, WHO Stop TB Coordinator

"More than 20 million TB patients have been treated in the last decade. Given the extra resources, given the extra commitments, we can transform investments and innovations into direct benefits for 50 million more patients, and save 14 million from dying."

WHO Stop TB Coordinator Dr Léopold Blanc - appeared on TV5MONDE Le Journal Afrique
Léopold Blanc, WHO Stop TB Coordinator

"This Global Plan is for both developing and developed countries. All must recognize their role in fighting the TB epidemic through the actions called for. TB will be overcome only if rich countries step forward and adequately contribute technical and financial assistance, and at the same time, high burden countries make TB a priority. Preliminary steps in TB control have been achieved in recent years, so this Plan can build on solid ground to reduce TB burden. Its objectives are ambitious, but realistic."