Tuberculosis (TB)

Strategic and Technical Advisory Group for TB meets in Geneva

Geneva | 23 June 2014– The Strategic and Technical Advisory Group for Tuberculosis (STAG-TB) of the World Health Organization held its 14th annual meeting on June 16-18 in Geneva. The STAG-TB is comprised of 22 experts acting in their individual capacity who advise WHO on its policy, strategy and related functions in TB prevention, care and control.

This year, STAG-TB was joined by 45 partners from technical, civil society, financing, and academic institutions, as well as WHO staff from all 6 regional offices, 21 country offices and Headquarters.

STAG-TB advised WHO this year, on its roles, as called for by the World Health Assembly (WHA), in supporting the adaptation and implementation of new WHA-approved post-2015 global TB strategy and targets, on cross-departmental collaboration to reinforce WHO’s support to accelerating joint TB/HIV intervention scale-up, on MDR-TB burden measurement and response, and on overall TB impact measurement. STAG-TB members also advised WHO on two guidelines documents under development.

The STAG-TB’s report on recommendations made will be posted shortly.