Tuberculosis (TB)

WHO launches new Stop TB Strategy to fight the global tuberculosis epidemic

DOTS strengthened by a six-point strategy to achieve the 2015 TB-related Millennium Development Goal

17 MARCH 2006 | LONDON/GENEVA - "The new Stop TB Strategy and the Global Plan, with the important new developments outlined in this issue, present an ideal opportunity to turn the tide against tuberculosis."… the cover page conclusion from The Lancet March 17th edition, which featured the new strategy and a series of articles on the TB epidemic. In its comment analysis page, the endorsement continued with a call for specific action: "The tuberculosis fraternity has unified in stating its strategy. Now it is up to developing country governments to fully commit resources to tuberculosis control, and for donors to provide catalytic financial aid."

The new six-point strategy, developed by WHO over a two-year period, builds on the successes of DOTS while also addressing the key challenges facing TB control in providing access to TB treatment and care, including TB/HIV and MDR-TB patients. The new strategy also seeks to strengthen health systems, engage all care providers, empower people with TB and communities, and promote research.