Tuberculosis (TB)

New website launched to collect data on Xpert MTB/RIF use

The new, rapid and fully automated Xpert® MTB/RIF test is a real time cartridge-based automated DNA amplification test that will deliver a highly accurate diagnosis of the disease in less than two hours.

Since the WHO endorsement in December 2010 of the Xpert MTB/RIF assay for rapid detection of TB and rifampicin resistance, over 400 GeneXpert instruments have been placed in 47 countries. Consequently, there are now hundreds of “early implementers of Xpert MTB/RIF”, having varied experiences and generating additional evidence on the use of this diagnostic tool. Collectively this information would be invaluable to more effectively guide the thousands of laboratories, hospitals and clinics around the world that may soon be using this technology.

The WHO Stop TB Department’s Diagnostics and Laboratory Strengthening Unit (TBL) is therefore asking early implementers of Xpert MTB/RIF to share some basic information on the ongoing use of their GeneXpert instruments. The information that will be collected on a quarterly basis will measure laboratory workload,numbers of tests being performed and results, and main logistical and operational problems being encountered, on a facility basis.

A special website has been developed to collect this information online:click here to visit the site.

Early implementers are invited to register their facility, and provide information for Q4 2011 and for any other quarters in 2011 when a GeneXpert machine was in use. Going forward, registered users will be reminded on a quarterly basis to provide information by quarter in 2012.

The information collected will only be used on an aggregated basis to aid in the development of future guidance by WHO and in the ongoing surveillance of operational problems and corrective measures taken. No facilities will be identified by name in any publication nor will individual facility results be shared. Aggregated results will be disseminated via the regular WHO-TBL Update on Xpert MTB/RIF and other forums, to facilitate coordination and information-sharing among our partners and to rapidly increase knowledge and understanding about the logistical challenges, innovative solutions and country experiences in rolling out this new technology.

For more information on Xpert MTB/RIF, including the WHO policy statement, Rapid Implementation document, and checklist of prerequisites to country implementation, as well as interactive maps on country procurements and plans, visit the WHO Xpert MTB/RIF monitoring website.