Tuberculosis (TB)

Practical Approach to Lung Health (PAL)


What are the requirements for introducing PAL in a country?

  • Political commitment to adapt and develop the PAL strategy.
  • Assessment of the existing conditions to adapt the PAL strategy.
  • Formulation of an agenda for adapting, developing and implementing the PAL strategy.
  • Establishment of a national/regional working group on PAL.
  • Adaptation and development of national PAL guidelines and training materials for PAL implementation.
  • Baseline survey on respiratory care management, testing of training materials, PAL implementation in pilot sites, and a study of the impact of PAL in these same pilot sites.
  • Review of PAL activities carried out so far.
  • Development of a plan for PAL expansion nationwide, including implementation costs.
  • Adoption and support of the PAL expansion plan by the national health authorities