Tuberculosis (TB)

Community care for tuberculosis

Community approaches to tuberculosis care

Country Setting Treatment supervisor Results
Philippines 2 rural slums and 1 urban slum Lay volunteers 90% cure rate
Philippines City of Manila (urban) Church group volunteers 80% success rate
Bangladesh 17 sub-districts (rural) Community health workers >85% cure rate
Haiti Artibonite Valley (rural) Lay persons and former TB patients 87% success rate
South Africa Western Cape, Klein Drakenstein (rural) Farm workers and volunteers High rates of treatment adherence
South Africa Kwazulu Natal, Hlablisa District (rural) Community health workers, lay persons, volunteers >85% success rate in survivors
Nepal 4 national demonstration centres (rural) Community workers, social workers 85% cure rate
Indonesia North and central provinces of Sulawesi (rural) Health workers and women's organization volunteers 88% cure rate
China 12 provinces (rural and urban settings) Village doctors 90% cure rate in new cases