Tuberculosis (TB)

Interview with Abylgazy Nagmadin, MDR-TB patient

Nagmadin, a 28-year-old, talked about how he contracted TB and what has happened to him since.

Abylgazy Nagmadin is a patient at the National TB Center in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
WHO/Dominic Chavez

John Donnelly Q: How did you react to your initial diagnosis of TB?

Abylgazy Nagmadin A: It was very scary. I was really surprised – I didn’t even know about TB. And then when I was diagnosed with MDR-TB several months later, I was even more scared. I didn’t know if I could be treated.

Q: How did you get infected?

A: I work at a train station, and every month they test their workers. One day I learnt I had it. I must have got it from someone I work with, or a passenger.

Q: What have you missed?

A: Well, when I was first diagnosed, my wife was pregnant. On 12 August, she gave birth to our son, Nurlan. I still haven’t seen him.

Q: How did you hear the news?

A: My wife called me on the cell phone.

Q: What was your reaction?

A: I was very happy.

Q: How about the next day?

A: Of course, I was very sad. I couldn’t be with my wife and child. I’m still very sad that I haven’t seen him yet. The only thing I want is to get back to my family.

Q: Have you seen a picture of your son?

A: No.

Q: How is your treatment going?

A: It was hard in the beginning, but now I’m doing very well. Sometimes I forget that I am sick.

Q: What advice would you give someone who suspect they have TB?

A: TB is a very dangerous disease. Some people are ashamed they have this problem. So they don’t seek treatment. That isn’t right. They shouldn’t be ashamed. They should seek treatment. It will bring them back to life.

Q: When you leave the hospital, what will you do?

A: I will go straight to my family and my son. I want to hold my son in my arms.