Tuberculosis (TB)


benefits of MDR-TB control efforts


  - Estimated percentage of TB patients also HIV-positive in 2008: 80%
  - Percentage of new TB patients with MDR-TB: 0.9%
  - Percentage of TB patients cured: 73%

To the ends of the earth

She left her village in the mountains gaunt and weak, taking tiny steps along a thin ribbon of a path, the community’s only link to the outside world. Matsepe Lenkoe’s five children tearfully said their goodbyes – goodbyes, they feared, for good.

Dr Mphu K. Ramatlapeng, Health and Social Welfare Minister of Lesotho.
  • Interview: Dr Mphu K. Ramatlapeng
    Dr Ramatlapeng, who has been Lesotho’s top health official since 2007, was once a doctor practicing general medicine. She headed the Clinton Foundation’s office in Lesotho. She talked about the spread of MDR-TB in her ministry office.