Tuberculosis (TB)


Advocacy report

ISBN 92 4 259070 3 (NLM classification: WF 310)
Tuberculosis advocacy report 2003

The publication, prepared for the World Health Organization by editors and photographers from Colors magazine, puts a human face on the TB epidemic and the deadly interaction between TB and HIV. Outlining the efficacy of the DOTS programme, the report makes clear that continued commitment and expanded resources are vital to combat TB.

Despite eight million new cases of TB being reported annually – and two million deaths a year – the report reveals the many misconceptions people have about the disease and how this ignorance is reflected in the misery of those infected with TB across the world.

"The images are disturbing," said Colors editor-in-chief Renzo di Renzo, "but in fact they give just a mere glimpse of the enormous challenges faced every day by TB health care workers."

Tuberculosis - The human face of TB

An informational film based on the report Tuberculosis.