Tuberculosis (TB)

Results: Detection and treatment of TB cases

Progress towards targets for case detection and treatment success

Data on both treatment success and case detection were provided by 173 DOTS countries. In 63 countries, DOTS detection and treatment success rates exceeded 50% and 70%, respectively (Figure 15). These countries appear to have reached (n = 18), or are close to reaching, WHO targets, but together accounted for only 15% of all new smear-positive cases in 2001.

Viet Nam was still the only HBC to have reached targets for both case detection (>70%) and treatment success (>85%). However, case detection rates were over 50%, and treatment success rates over 70%, in DR Congo, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, and the Philippines (Table 12 , Figure 16). Three countries had low rates of both case detection (< 50%) and treatment success (< 70%): they were Brazil, Russia, and Uganda. More details of progress in each of the 22 HBCs can be found in the profiles at Annex 1.

Of 145 countries that provided data for both 2000 and 2001 cohorts, 66 (46%) showed higher treatment success rates for the 2001 cohort, and 39 (27%) improved case detection by more than 5%. Annex 4 tabulates case detection and treatment success rates by country over the 8 years for which we have data.


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