Tuberculosis (TB)

Results: Financing DOTS expansion

GFATM contribution to TB control in 2003

The GFATM makes awards for TB control in 4 categories: TB, TB/HIV, HIV/AIDS, and integrated TB/HIV/malaria. By the end of 2003, the Fund had approved a total 5-year budget of US$ 608 million for TB proposals and US$ 319 million for TB/HIV proposals in 56 countries (Table 19). While TB/HIV proposals include both TB and HIV activities, it was not possible to disaggregate the contribution to TB control from the budgets provided, so the total of each award is included in Table 19 . Additional funds were approved for collaborative TV/HIV activities within HIV/AIDS proposals, but since the amounts cannot be disaggregated from the total awards, and the contribution to TB control through HIV/AIDS proposals is expected to be low, no estimates are included in Table 19 . Afghanistan submitted the only integrated TB/HIV/malaria proposal that was approved. The separate cost of TB control was not identified within the US$ 3 million budget.

The total for the first 2 years for which grants have been or are expected to be signed is US$ 294 million for TB proposals, and US$ 90 million from TB/HIV proposals. Almost 70% of the total grant funding for TB and TB/HIV will benefit HBCs. Only 3 HBCs have not been awarded GFATM funds: Brazil did not apply because, with a high GNI per capita, it has not been eligible for funding. Nigeria and Zimbabwe have so far been unsuccessful.

Among successful applicants, countries in the Africa Region will receive US$ 463 million for up to 5 years, 50% of the total approved by the Fund (Figure 21). Countries in the South-East Asian region will receive US$ 206 million, 22% of the total. During 2003, US$ 61 million or 16% of the total approved for the first 2 years was paid to countries for TB and TB/HIV activities.

The GFATM grants awarded in 2003 for TB and TB/HIV accounted for approximately 6% of total budget for TB control in the HBCs. The grants awarded to some HBCs will fill large funding gaps, when disbursed. Indonesia's approved proposal of US$ 71 million over 5 years, for example, has an anticipated annual allocation of GFATM funding that accounts for approximately one-third of the total NTP budget. However, delays in the disbursement of GFATM funding held up progress in 2003. Between March and December 2003, Indonesia received only 17% of the budget specified in its initial 2-year grant agreement. Similarly, in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and Myanmar, the planned disbursement by the GFATM accounts for an estimated 52%, 61% and 80% respectively of the NTP budgets in 2003--4. But only Ethiopia has so far received any money, amounting to US$ 6.5 million (59% of the anticipated 2-year total).


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