Tuberculosis (TB)

Country data by WHO Region

Europe: country data


Treatment outcomes for the 2002 cohort of laboratory-confirmed cases were not included in this annex. Among 2145 cases, 1661 patients were cured, 0 completed treatment, 136 died, 194 failed, 44 defaulted, 0 transferred, and 110 were still on treatment.


Treatment outcomes listed under smear-positive cases are for all laboratory-confirmed cases.


Data refer only to the Republic of Cyprus, i.e. the northern area is excluded (roughly 40% of the island).


Regions Afkhazia and South Osetia are not represented in the data.


Treatment and re-treatment outcomes listed under smear-positive cases are based on cohorts of culture-positive cases, where cure is based on culture results.


Under new smear-positive outcomes, the cohort excluded 185 cases of TB (2% of the cohort) because of resistance to TB drugs, intolerance to TB drugs, deterioration of condition, and loss to follow-up. Under relapse outcomes, 526 cases of TB (18% of cohort) were similarly excluded.


Outcomes of “transfer-in” patients are matched against “transfer-out” patients at national level to eliminate unknown outcomes because of transfer. Remaining unknowns are given the outcome “default”.

Serbia and Montenegro

Reporting of cases were by site of disease were not available for the entire country. Re-treatment outcomes are from Kosovo only.


The NTP notes that notification data are provisional. “Pulmonary” refers to respiratory cases, while “extrapulmonary” include only meningeal cases.


DOTS coverage was not reported, but assumed to be same as in the previous report.


The NTP notes that age and sex data are incomplete.


NTP reported to WHO at the time this report was going to press. Data are therefore not shown in the annexes, and not reflected in results. DOTS coverage in 2003 was reported as 2%. The country had 18 590 TB cases in 2003, and 17 923 WHO notifications (among which, 446 cases were reported under DOTS). Among 4245 non-DOTS new smear-positive cases registered in 2002, 79% were successfully treated.

United Kingdom

The NTP notes that notification and treatment outcome data are provisional. WHO notifications were revised from 6400 to 6697 cases at the time this report was going to press. Treatment outcome data do not include Scotland.