Tuberculosis (TB)

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South-East Asia: country data


There is a discrepancy between the population estimate used by the national TB programme (137 059 519) and that used by the UN (146 736 131). Using the country’s population estimate, there would be 336 976 estimated TB cases (of which, 162 331 smear-positive cases), and DOTS detection of smear-positive cases would be 35% (instead of 33%).


Estimates of the population vary widely, from 800 000 to over 2 million. The UN population estimate is 2.2 million.


DOTS coverage reached 73% by the end of 2003, but it was 67% calculated on a quarter-by-quarter basis (starting from 60% in the first quarter). Cases notified under DOTS included 31 341 cases (of which 13 603 were new smear-positive) in patients receiving non-rifampicin regimens.


DOTS coverage was 95% in 2003, but reached 100% by end of the year.


Data refer to a mid-July to mid-July calendar.


Data refer to an October–September calendar.


DOTS coverage was not reported, but assumed to be same as in the previous report.