Tuberculosis (TB)

WHO report 2008
Global tuberculosis control

1.4 Case notifications

The 202 countries reporting to WHO notified 5.4 million new and relapse cases, of which 2.5 million (47%) were new smear-positive cases (Table 1.3; Figure 1.9). Of these notifications, 5.3 million were from DOTS areas, including 2.5 million new smear-positive cases. A total of 31.8 million new and relapse cases, and 15.5 million new smear-positive cases, were notified by DOTS programmes in the 12 years between 1995 (when reliable records began) and 2006.

Comparing different parts of the world, the African Region (23%), South-East Asia Region (36%) and Western Pacific Region (25%) together accounted for 83% of all notified new and relapse cases and for similar proportions of new smear-positive cases in 2006. Because DOTS has emphasized diagnosis by sputum smear microscopy, 47% of all new and relapse cases were new smear-positive (approximately 45% expected) in DOTS areas, compared with 30% elsewhere. Among new pulmonary cases reported by DOTS programmes, 58% were new smear-positive (a minimum of 65% expected), compared with 39% elsewhere (Table 1.3).