Tuberculosis (TB)

TB TEchnical Assistance Mechanism (TBTEAM)

TBTEAM, the Tuberculosis Technical Assistance Mechanism, with a secretariat housed in WHO, is the Global coordination mechanism for technical assistance for countries from among the global network of TB technical partners. It supports Global Fund grants by linking these partners to countries for proposal preparation, grant negotiation, implementation of grants, consolidation of plans across multiple grants, provision of technical assistance to address grant bottlenecks, and on- going grant monitoring.

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Global Fund NFM

66 countries66 countries are likely to apply to the Global Fund for TB in 2014

The Global Fund application materials

Global Fund

$726,854,947 2013 sees highest-ever disbursements for TB

TBTEAM Update - March 2014

National TB Strategic Planning

6 ElementsMethodology provided to develop robust NSPs

Methodology flow chart
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TBTEAM works very closely with the Stop TB Partnership and technical partners to ensure all countries are successfull in preparing for the release of Global Fund resources both in terms of the New Funding Model, as well as for existing grants.