Tuberculosis (TB)

TBTEAM & Global Fund related Meetings


Workshop of the development of National TB Strategic Plans

Cepina, Italy. November 2013

The workshop on the development of national strategic plans for TB control took place in Cepina, Italy, on 17 to 28 November 2013. It was attended by representatives of: i) the national TB programmes of Afghanistan, Ghana, Pakistan, Romania, South-Sudan, Swaziland, Thailand, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe and ii) key partners involved in country TBCARE projects. It was also attended by WHO staff from country and region offices and potential consultants who can technically assist countries to develop and finalize their NSPs. The workshop was facilitated by staff from WHO/GTB and Fondazione S. Maugeri, Care and Research Institute.

The workshop focused on the methodology to develop a NSP for TB control following a stepwise process. All the countries’ representatives, with the assistance of the consultants and facilitators, worked on each of the key sections of the five components that must be included in the NSPs of their home countries. The first part of the workshop was devoted to : i) the description and discussion of the methodology and the requirements needed to develop a sound NSP and ii) the clarifications on the various components of NSP: Core plan, Budget plan (using the WHO Budgeting and Planning Tool), monitoring and evaluation plan, operational plan, and the technical assistance plan.

The second part of the workshop was focused on developing new or revising the existing NSP of the home countries of the participants. A significant amount of time was (three days) is devoted to establish the budget component of the NSP using the WHO Budgeting and Planning Tool.

At the end of the workshop, the 10 countries identified a clear map of the progress made in developing their NSP but also, the amount of work that needs to be undertaken to finalize the NSP. All of them have set a plan with dates to identify when the required work will be carried out.

Global Fund New Funding Model workshop

Paris, France. 31 October 2013

As part of the Union Conference, on 31 October 2013 TBTEAM organized a workshop with the Global Fund. The workshop briefed National TB Programme Managers and staff, TB technical partners, TB consultants, civil society representatives and donors on how to prepare for the Global Fund New Funding Model . The workshop was attended by 120 participants throughout the day. The NFM of the Global Fund will be launched in 2014. The NFM has changed funding formats and funding approaches compared to the previous rounds-based approach. Concept notes for indicative and incentive funding allocated and based on sound strategic plans and gap analyses are central. 2013 has been an interim year to learn the implications of implementing the NFM.

The workshop covered the following areas:

  • Orientation on the new funding model including the iterative process and concept note development.
  • Discussion on the processes of strategic planning, gap analysis, full expression of country demand, indicative and incentive funding, including budgeting of NSPs.
  • Technical support and partner involvement in country dialogue and along the entire NFM process.

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