Tuberculosis (TB)

Tools for tuberculosis control

  • TBTEAM (TB TEchnical Assistance Mechanism)
    TBTEAM, the Tuberculosis Technical Assistance Mechanism, with a secretariat housed in WHO, is the Global coordination mechanism for technical assistance for countries from among the global network of TB technical partners. It supports Global Fund grants by linking these partners to countries for proposal preparation, grant negotiation, implementation of grants, consolidation of plans across multiple grants, provision of technical assistance to address grant bottlenecks, and on- going grant monitoring.

TB planning and budgeting tool
  • TB planning and budgeting tool
    The tool is an Excel-based spreadsheet in which plans and budgets for all major components of the Stop TB Strategy can be developed. Accompanying documents and related links that will help users to understand and use the tool effectively are also provided on this site.

Recording and reporting tools

  • Epidemiology and surveillance online workshop (widely used until 2007 - for updated materials and tools see link below)
    This is a teaching tool developed to help national or sub-national TB programme managers, epidemiologists and statisticians analyse and interpret TB surveillance and survey data with a view to answer the following questions: 1) What is the burden of tuberculosis in my country? 2) What is the trend and the geographical variation in the burden of TB in my country? 3) How well is TB controlled in my country?

    The tool uses explanatory text, PowerPoint presentations, exercises, examples and data templates. It was developed in 2004/2005 and widely used until 2007. Some of the materials presented in this virtual workshop make use of methods which are no longer recommended by WHO, such as surveys of the annual risk of infection to measure TB incidence.

    WHO policies and recommendations on how to assess the epidemiological burden of TB and the impact of TB control have been updated based on the recommendations and advice provided by the WHO Global Task Force on TB Impact Measurement, which has been meeting regularly since June 2006. The Task Force has been developing new materials and tools which are currently being used in the WHO Regional workshops on TB surveillance and impact monitoring.