M/XDR-TB meeting 2009

Meeting planner


From the airport

Please ensure that your travel plans and itinerary are included in the meeting registration online form. This will enable us to arrange pick up at the airport. We regret we cannot arrange pick-up for travel details submitted after 23 March 2009.

If for any reason participants are not met upon arrival, here are two transportation options.

  • Taxi (one-way) costs approximately CNY 80 (including CNY10 tollgate fee). Most drivers do not speak English. You will want to have the address of your destination written in Chinese characters for them to see.
  • Airport Express from the airport to Sanyuanqiao station. Change here to Subway Line 10 going south to Liangmaqiao station. The hotel complex is located at the southwest Exit C. This is a convenient option for travellers without heavy luggage. Cost is CNY 25 for airport express, CNY 2 for subway.

Getting around


The overall security situation in Beijing is good. Common sense applies to get around safely.

Be careful while crossing the street. Pedestrians do not have right of way.

When in areas that are well-frequented by tourists, follow tourist common sense: do not flash your money, keep you bags closed and in front of you. In tourist markets, be prepared to bargain if you do not want to be overcharged. Be cautious of purchasing fake goods.


All official Beijing taxis have license plates beginning with the letter “B”. Taxis have meters with a starting fee (CNY 10 ) and an additional CNY 2 per kilometer after the first three kilometers. If the driver ‘forgets’ to switch the meter on, remind him/her politely by saying ‘qing da biao’ (’run the meter, please’). After 11 p.m., the starting fee is CNY 11.


The subway is an excellent way to quickly get around the city and you can easily figure it out through the station maps and the English signs. Purchase tickets (CNY 2) at the window. There is a subway station outside the Kempinski Hotel.


The Airport is located in the northeast, 26 kilometers from the city centre. 20 minutes drive by car in normal traffic.

Check-in times airport

International carriers departing from Beijing Capital International Airport generally recommend that passengers allow 3 hours for the check-in procedure. Ask your hotel how much time you should allot to reach the airport. Make sure you know which terminal your airline is using.

Terminal 1 Airlines List
CN  Grand China Airlines Domestic
JD  Deer Air
GS  GrandChina Express
HU  Hainan Airlines Domestic
Beijing-Shanghai Air Express

Terminal 2 Airlines List
MU  China Eastern Airlines ZH  Shenzhen Airlines
OQ  Chongqing Airlines Beijing-Shanghai Air Express
KE  Korean Airlines SU  Russian International Airlines
KL  KLM Royal Dutch Airlines JS  Air Koryo
ET  Ethiopian Airlines Share Co. E3  Domodedovo Airlines
GA  Garuda Indonesia Airlines UM  Zimbabwe Airlines
MH  Malaysia Airlines FV  Aviation Enterprise Pulkovo
T5  Turkmenistan Airlines HY  Uzbekistan Airlines
H8  Far East Airlines HZ  Sakhalin Airlines
CZ  China Southern Airlines EU  United Eagle Airlines
HU  Hainan Airlines International MF  Xiamen Airlines
CO  Continental Airlines AF  Air France
NW  American Northwest Airlines KC  Air Astana
PK  International Airlines PR  Philippine Airlines
XF  Vladivostok Air 7B  Krasnoyarsk Airlines
OM  Mongolia Airlines UL  Sri Lanka Airlines
VV  AeroSvit Ukraninian Airlines IR  Iran National Airlines
VN  Vietnam Airlines

Terminal 3 Airlines List
CA  China International Airlines FM  Shanghai Airlines
Beijing-Shanghai Air Express OS  Austrian Airlines
LH  Germany Lufthansa Airlines AC  Air Canada
NH  ANA Airlines MS  Egypt Airlines
SQ  Singapore Airlines CX  Cathay Pacific
BA  British Airways KA  Dragonair
LY  Israel Airlines S7  Russian Novosibirsk Airlines
LO  Poland Airlines SC  Shandong Airlines
3U  Sichuan Airlines SK  Scandinavian Airlines
OZ  Asiana Airlines UA  United Airlines
TK  Turkey Airlines TG  Thai Airways international
AY  Finnair QF  Australia Qantas Airways
JL  Japan Airlines EK  Emirates Airlines
QR  Qatar Airlines NX  Air Macau
EY  Etihad Airways CI  China Airlines
BR  Eva Air AE  Mandarin Airlines
NZ  Air New Zealand