M/XDR-TB meeting 2009

Meeting planner

Visa and vaccinations

In order to obtain a visa, participants must have a passport valid for at least six months from the date of departure for the People's Republic of China.

Since an advance clearance form the Ministry of Health (visa authorization) is required, participants are requested to complete meeting registration online form by 06 March 2009.

Once the meeting secretariat has received your registration form, we will assist in obtaining the visa authorization for your visa application. We cannot guarantee visa authorization letters after 18 March 2009, although every effort will be made to satisfy late requests.

Invited participants from yellow fever epidemic areas must show a valid yellow fever vaccine certificate to the inspection and quarantine department at the point of entry. For those who hold invalid yellow fever vaccine certificates, the inspection and quarantine department will issue a quarantine order for six days and provide vaccinations if necessary. Once a certificate has been received, they may be discharged.