M/XDR-TB meeting 2009

Meeting programme

The agenda

The first day focused on building consensus and political commitment globally in high M/XDR-TB burden countries. Participants were presented with an overview of the size, distribution and trend of the MDR-TB problem at global level. Senior representatives of the major global agencies involved in TB and MDR-TB described their response to date and their vision for the future. Ministers and national leaders outlined the problem and the progress in their countries. A call for action coming out of the Stop TB Partners' Forum in Rio de Janeiro in March, 2009, was presented by representatives of civil society. A draft Call for Action from the Beijing meeting was discussed and finalized.

The following two days addressed the components of national planning through sharing of national and regional experiences, plans and lessons learned on the management and prevention of MDR-TB. Facilitated discussions took place in regional groups.


The delegates to the meeting included Ministers of Health and senior decision-makers from high M/XDR-TB burden countries, and countries with informative experience in MDR-TB; senior representatives of global and regional health and development agencies involved in MDR-TB; affected communities; bilateral development agencies; development banks; foundations, non-governmental organizations; private pharmaceutical and diagnostic enterprises; research institutions and technical agencies.