Meet the portfolio and programme management team!

Beatrice Halpaap, portfolio and programme manager

Oversees TDR’s portfolio and financial management, administration and human resources; member of TDR’s senior management group. Manages innovative projects in social entrepreneurship and in building TDR’s alumni network.

With a background and Pharm D in pharmaceutical product research and development, Beatrice first joined TDR in 1997 as a strategic planning officer and manager of R&D projects. She has worked in Uruguay, the United States, and in South Africa, where she started an initiative for strengthening project management skills in health research in low- and middle-income countries. Beatrice was drawn to TDR because of its unique mission, its focus on capacity strengthening in countries and by countries, and its emphasis on bringing country voices to the table. “I really value the multidisciplinary team approach here, as well as the focus on continuous learning and performance improvement,” she says. “It helps us work together on achieving impact.”

Telephone: (+41) 22 791 5807
Mobile phone: (+41) 79 595 9762

Nelly Bertrand, programme and finance officer

Responsible for financial planning, monitoring, and reporting; administration and human resources matters.

Nelly joined TDR in 2009 with 15 years of international experience in management, finance, external relations, human resources and general administration. She has worked in different WHO departments at non-governmental organizations (NGOs) such as Médecins Sans Frontières, and in a number of countries around the world, including Zaire, Azerbaidjan, Russia, Kenya, Sudan, Zimbabwe and India. Nelly speaks English and French. She earned a Masters Degree in Public Administration and Political Science and a Postgraduate Diploma in Development Studies from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva Nelly enjoys discovering new things and collaborating with others. Asked what spurs her on in her work, she replies, “The team work and the trust and confidence that people have in my work.”

Mobile phone: (+41) 79 513 7307

Annabel Francois, programme and finance assistant

Provides assistance to financial planning, monitoring, and reporting; administration and human resources matters.

Annabel joined TDR in 2001, attracted by its good reputation. She has considerable administrative and financial knowledge and speaks both French and English. Annabel feels she is constantly learning and developing her skills at TDR. She harbours a dream to travel the world. Currently, she enjoys the diversity of her work and appreciates TDR’s “special family feeling”; she gets particular pleasure from helping her colleagues and, as she puts it, likes “putting a smile on their face”.

Telephone: (+41) 22 791 3563

Michael Mihut, portfolio management officer

Responsible for project portfolio planning, monitoring, reporting and evaluation and related information management.

Michael joined TDR in 2009 as quality manager to help low- and middle-income countries’ institutions bring their standards of research quality and patient protection to the highest possible level. He is a certified quality auditor by the American Society for Quality. After graduating from medical school, Michael began his career as a general practitioner, working with vulnerable populations such as war refugees. For several years he managed research and quality assurance departments in highly innovative pharmaceutical companies. He takes pride in having trained monitors and auditors from all continents on good practices and international standards. As a champion for quality and accountability, Michael finds satisfaction in ensuring TDR’s system for results-based planning, monitoring, and reporting of performance becomes more efficient and transparent. Asked what drives him in his work, he says, “I like the fact that I can utilize my skills and knowledge to improve the lives of people in disadvantaged communities”.

Telephone: (+41) 22 791 3503
Mobile phone: (+41) 79 446 6520


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