Dr Ikram Guizani

Nationality: Tunisian

Present position

  • Head Programme on Applied Molecular Epidemiology and Experimental Pathology to Infectious Diseases, Ministry of Higher Education and Research
  • Professor, Head, Laboratoire d'Epidemiologie et d'Ecologie Parasitaire, Institut Pasteur de Tunis

Areas of professional activity

Basic biomedical research. Product research development

Key publications

More than 40 scientific papers in peer reviewed journals, contributions to international reports, 3 patents on molecular biology of leishmaniasis

WHO Experience

  • Member of Research Strengthening Group 1999-2002
  • Steering Committee on Vaccines Discovery Research 2001-2003
  • Scientific Working Group on Leishmaniasis February 2004
  • EMRO Consultation on Establishing Regional Biotechnology Network Tehran July 2004
  • Steering Committee EMRO-COMSTECH Grants 2006-2007 programme for «Research in Applied Biotechnology and Genomics in Health »
  • Expert Meeting for Priority Setting for the Special Grant for Research in Priority Areas of Public Health, WHO-EMRO 2007