SORT IT for participants

SORT IT combines research and training, so participants learn by doing. You can expect to complete your research within one year, a publishable paper ready for submission to a peer reviewed journal and a one page brief describing the policy implications of the research .

There are 2, one-week workshops given back to back to shape the research question and set up the data collection and analysis process. These are led by experienced researchers who do some didactic training, but the majority of time is spent one-on-one with facilitators.

Meet a facilitator/trainer

Rafael van den Bergh

Médecins sans Frontières (MSF)

The value this workshop provides through experienced facilitation and mentorship.


Andrei Dadu

WHO European Regional Office, Denmark

People come here with a huge amount of data, they bring this data to the table and ask us to help them analyze it. That data is owned by the countries, collected by those countries, for themselves, they just need help on using those data for the benefits of the patients in those countries.

A third and final week of workshop is done 10 months after the first, and is spent preparing an evidence brief for policy-makers and a research article to be submitted for publication.

Participants also have the opportunity to become trainers.

SORT IT manager

Dr Andy Ramsay

TDR, the Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases

Fellowship opportunities after the workshop.

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