Grants and other funding activities

TDR funds specific research projects in diseases of poverty, which cover infectious diseases and the culture and environment that contribute to these problems. We also support the development of individuals and institutions in the countries where these diseases are prevalent.

There are several different grant programmes planned for 2014, here’s the full list.

Below are the current opportunities.

Calls for grant applications or/and letters of interest

Call for expression of interest: Hosting of an online database platform for tuberculosis treatment clinical trial data

Deadline for submission: 15th February 2015

Call for social innovation projects

Nomination deadline: 28 February 2015

This is the first call from the new Social Innovation in Health Initiative. Healthcare delivery solutions for preventing and controlling infectious diseases of poverty will be selected, innovators will be asked to share these solutions at a TDR forum at the World Health Organization, their work will be included in a publication, and they will be considered for a 1-year Global health Innovators Fellowship hosted at the University of Cape Town and Oxford University. The programme is set up to analyse what works well and identify research priorities to support their scale up and dissemination.

This is a collaboration of several partners. TDR provides technical and financial support. The Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, located at the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business, and the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, housed within Oxford University’s Said Business School, bring a range of expertise on social innovation and entrepreneurship and lead the implementation of this initiative.

Selection of universities to manage TDR International Post Graduate Training Scheme (2015 to 2019)

Submission deadline: 28 February 2015

This is a call for applications from universities in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) to host and manage the TDR international post graduate training scheme on implementation research (IR). The long term goal is to strengthen capacity of disease endemic countries for identifying public health needs, develop appropriate solutions and translate them into policy and practice for improved health and wellbeing of their populations.

Research on innovative approaches for safety monitoring in seasonal malaria chemoprevention

Deadline for submission: 23 December 2014

Research teams from African institutions are invited to submit Letters of Interest (LoI) for research on piloting innovative approaches for safety monitoring in the context of seasonal malaria chemoprevention. Under this call, one or two research teams are expected to be selected for funding for a maximum amount of US$ 75 000 each.

Joint EMRO/TDR small grants scheme for implementation research in infectious diseases of poverty

Deadline for submission: 20 January 2015

Only applicants from the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region eligible.

This joint call with the Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office of the World Health Organization supports evidence generated from local research for the prevention and control of tropical diseases in the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR) countries and takes into account the outcomes of the recent meeting in February 2014 at the regional office: “Integrating Research in Shaping The Future of Health in The EMR”. The call welcomes research which links communicable and tropical diseases of poverty in co-morbidity with non-communicable diseases.

EDCTP-TDR clinical research and development fellowships call for proposals

Deadline for submission: 31 January 2015 17:00:00 Central European Time (CET)

Researchers and key members of clinical research teams from low- and middle-income countries are invited to apply for the EDCTP-TDR Clinical Research and Development Fellowship scheme. Successful candidates will be placed with leading product development organisations, including pharmaceutical companies and product development partnerships (PDPs) – the host organisations- for a period of up to 24 months. A total of 25 fellowships is available for this call; 18 companies have offered to host fellows.

Call for applications for a regional training centre for research on infectious diseases of poverty with a focus on intervention and implementation research in the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region

Deadline for submission: 30 November 2014

In line with health research needs identified by both the World Health Organization (WHO) Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office (EMRO) and TDR, this call is to select a regional training centre in the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region. The Regional Training Centre is expected to offer training courses aimed at building health research skills, mainly but not exclusively on intervention and implementation research. Over a two-year period, this centre should progressively integrate a package of skill-building courses into its training programmes. The skills include a practical understanding of research ethics; good practices in human health research; writing a strong proposal and sound protocol; effective project planning, management and evaluation in health research; effective research results dissemination and utilization. Training on implementation research will be based on the TDR’s implementation research toolkit. The inclusion of train-the-trainer programmes will enhance dissemination of these courses among other institutions in the region.

Five calls for applications / letters of interest in collaboration for:
Research on the vulnerability of preventive chemotherapy of helminth infections to emergence of drug resistance

Application deadlines vary from 31 August through 12 January 2015 (see PDF file below for complete details)

TDR is expanding support for research on key determinants of sustained effectiveness of preventive chemotherapy for schistosomiasis, soil transmitted helminths (STH), lymphatic filariasis and onchocerciasis: the probability, potential impact and detection of the emergence of resistance to the drugs used.

Planned research activities to be supported are grouped into two projects:

  • Vulnerability of schistosomiasis, STH, onchocerciasis and lymphatic filariasis control to emergence of drug resistance and its consequences (TDResist, 3 calls, available funding: US$ 260 000)
  • Integrated capacity building and research for ivermectin resistance surveillance and definition of O. volvulus transmission zones by onchocerciasis control programmes (CARIRS, 2 calls, available funding: US$ 400 000).

Improving the careers of women research scientists in infectious diseases of poverty

Submission deadline EXTENDED TO SUNDAY, 5 OCTOBER AT 23.59 Geneva, Switzerland time

Due to unexpected technical problem with the research proposal submission system, the deadline to submit applications is extended until Sunday, 5 October at 23:59 Geneva, Switzerland time. Applicants who could not submit their application due to the system failure can submit their application by using the Datacol portal. Please note that only applications submitted through the Datacol portal will be considered for review.

TDR, the Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases celebrates 40 years in 2014 and has a longstanding commitment to improve gender equity in health. TDR is inviting letters of interest from women scientists and research managers in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs ) to develop their ideas on how to improve career development for women research scientists working in the area of infectious diseases of poverty. Letters of interest that are selected will receive funding of US$ 10 000 to develop and elaborate a full concept.

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