The facets of TDR research from drug discovery to implementation

First meeting in the Americas region

JCB recommendations

Research-related recommendations emerging from the JCB session stressed the need for TDR to continue taking a “holistic” view of research – addressing needs that span the range from basic and product innovation research through to implementation research and research on health systems. The JCB also called upon TDR to step up its support of research on the impact of climate change on tropical diseases and on vector-borne diseases. Other major research-related recommendations included the following:

  • Integrate multidrug resistant tuberculosis issues into the TDR’s research line on ‘Evidence for treatment policy for HIV-infected TB patients’.
  • Pay adequate attention to needs in eastern European countries as well as in central Asian nations, where certain infectious diseases, such as malaria and visceral leishmaniasis, may be re-emerging.
  • Support research to strengthen health systems, community participation, technology transfer and the long-term sustainability of efforts to control infectious tropical diseases.
  • Incorporate health economics research into TDR activities.
  • Encourage publication of key research findings in open access, peer-reviewed journals that do not require subscription fees so as to improve the access of DEC scientists to new knowledge.
JCB participants listen to the report of TDR Director Dr Robert Ridley on the implementation of TDR’s new Ten Year Strategy.