New contribution places Sweden at the top of TDR funders

TDR news item
14 October 2011

The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Sida, is providing TDR with an additional contribution of 10 million Swedish krona (about US$ 1.56 million) in 2011, pushing it to the top of the list of TDR funders.

Sweden has been a key resource contributor to TDR since the establishment of the Special Programme in 1974. Its total funding to TDR in 2011 is 35 million Swedish krona (about US$ 5.2 million). "We believe TDR's remarkable track record in health research and the benefits it has provided to so many low and middle income countries provide excellent value and return on our contributions," said Professor Maria Teresa Bejarano, a policy specialist in research and representative of Sweden on TDR's board. "I encourage other donors to increase their support to TDR, which is a critical global actor in the combat against diseases of poverty. The current financial situation requires all contributors to consider further support."

TDR plans on a budget of US$ 35 million for 2012. Contributions support three major areas:

  • research conducted in the disease endemic countries
  • empowerment to increase local and regional research capacity and leadership in the countries where the diseases place the greatest burden and
  • stewardship to support and promote research with partners.

For more information, contact Meinrad Studer.

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