Lancet editorial calls for commitment to TDR

TDR news item
27 April 2012

In today's issue of The Lancet, an editorial cited the recent publication of the Global Report for Research on Infectious Diseases of Poverty, and TDR's new director John Reeder, as cause for renewed commitment for TDR. It outlined TDR's impressive achievements since its founding in 1975, which include the training of thousands of researchers in developing countries to help strengthen research capacity, the leading of five major elimination campaigns for neglected diseases, the co-development of 12 new drugs for tropical parasitic diseases, and the support to documenting the effectiveness of artemisinin-combination therapy for malaria.

But the editorial raised the question that some observers have asked: "... whether TDR has left its best days behind. If TDR has served its purpose, perhaps it should even be closed down." The Lancet added its own opinion to this: "We welcome this report, as well as TDR's new director, John Reeder. The vision expressed by TDR should earn wide new commitment and partners. It deserves that commitment."

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