Last pilot of implementation research toolkit completed

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11 December 2013

The last of 5 pilot workshops to test the new TDR implementation research toolkit was held in Ghana recently. Participants brought projects covering universal health coverage, primary health care and community health workers training programmes, adolescent health packages, and management policies of diarrhea, pneumonia and malaria for children under the age of 5.

Opening ceremony participants of the TDR IR Tool Kit pilot workshop in Accra, Ghana.

The implementation research toolkit has been developed through a process of international consultations, content development, technical review and a series of workshops to pilot test the modules in Durban, South Africa; Entebbe, Uganda; Gaborone, Botswana; Dhaka, Bangladesh; and Accra, Ghana. Inputs and feedbacks from facilitators, workshop participants and observers informed the final editing and structure of the toolkit.

The Dodowa Research Center of the Ghana Health Services hosted this last workshop 25 November. Researchers and policy-makers from Benin, Malawi, Sudan, Tanzania and Ghana came together for 5 days to explore, discuss and refine their health research projects from an implementation research perspective. Five of the 6 modules were covered: defining and contextualizing implementation research; planning and executing the research; analyzing and presenting research findings; dissemination and use of research findings; and monitoring and evaluation. All of these, plus the module on proposal development, will be available online in mid-January 2014.

Participant comments from the Ghana workshop:

Ghana: When we started I was like, why do we have to list all of these people, especially the media, what do we need them for? But I have come to realize that you can’t go without any of the groups.

Tanzania: This is a very innovative training programme.

Malawi: We have really come out reenergized and rejuvenated and I think we have to take our research project back to the drawing board with what we have learned!

Ghana: I came in as a policy person because I am working in collaboration with the Dodowa Health Research Centre on what we call home based care in Ghana. We have learnt a lot and we are now going to redo the monitoring and evaluation plan and revise the stakeholder list and dissemination plan, among other things.

Sudan: This workshop really opened our eyes.

The toolkit development is overseen by TDR, and supported with funding from the World Health Organization Implementation Research Platform and USAID.

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