More scientific articles published from low- and middle-income countries

TDR has marked a major capacity strengthening milestone 3 years ahead of schedule. The percentage of research articles in 2012 acknowledging TDR support with first authors from a developing country reached the 2015 target of 65%. TDR tracks this as one of its key performance indicators because a first author is normally the lead person on the research, so this signifies a growing research capacity in low- and middle-income countries.

One of TDR’s key goals is to increase research capacity in those countries, and it does this through targeted training, fellowships and research support, encouraging and supporting publication of research results. In 2012, about two-thirds of the 207 peer-reviewed publications acknowledging TDR support originated from disease endemic country institutions, and 66% were open/free access.

In general, users can access articles free of charge either because they are published in an open access journal (such as PLoS or BMC journals) or they are stored in a free access repository (such as PubMed Central) at the request of one of the research funders. TDR ensures that all its funded journal supplements and TDR published reports are available free of charge for the reader, and is developing tools and budgets to expand open access publications.

TDR monitors its progress on impact results through an annual Results Report. These numbers are included in the 2012 report, which is being reviewed by TDR’s Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee meeting held 18-20 March. After that, the report will be published online.

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