Smaller size and more diversity among STAC members

TDR news item
5 February 2014

Nine new members will be joining TDR’s Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) when it meets 25-27 March. They represent a very high level of scientific and policy expertise from around the globe; most of the members are heads of their research or academic institutions and have deep backgrounds and publication records.

STAC Chair Professor Mario Henry Rodriguez-Lopez from Mexico, says, “We have an outstanding group with valuable expertise, research and teaching experience. I am looking forward to working with these professionals to guide TDR’s research strategy.”

The 9 men and 6 women represent all regions of the World Health Organization. There are new members with backgrounds in social, implementation and health systems research ̶ reflecting the changes in TDR focus that are incorporated into both research and capacity building.

The committee is also smaller than the past compositions of 21 members, in line with TDR’s overall move to reduce operating costs as much as possible. The Joint Coordinating Board (JCB) has also been reduced in size from 34 members to 28.

STAC meets on an annual basis and oversees TDR's scientific activities. It reports its recommendations to JCB. Members serve for a period of 2 years and may be reappointed.

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