Improving data collection and management for clinical trials

TDR news item
27 April 2017

TDR clinical research and development fellow Clifford Banda is working to improve the quality of data from malaria clinical trials in low resource settings. Based at the Worldwide Antimalarial Resistance Network (WWARN) in Oxford, he wants to hear from researchers based in low- and middle-income countries about the tools and resources they have.

Clifford Banda
Clifford Banda
Credit: WWARN

Dr Banda is spending 12 months at WWARN’s offices in Oxford, working to improve the malaria clinical trials toolkit for scientists and clinicians in malaria endemic countries. He’s looking into how to improve prospective standardisation of data by focusing on data collection and management within clinical trials. Supporting data standardisation and quality control tools should improve overall data quality, making comparability of various studies across different regions easier over time and space. It should also reduce the time spent standardising data when pooling data together from different clinical trials in order to monitor trends in antimalarial drug efficacy and resistance.

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