Partnerships and networks

TDR connects with the highest levels of national government, and with clinics in remote locales. We have broad collaborations with private industries, disease control programmes, academia, research institutions and non-governmental organizations.

Our co-sponsors – UNICEF, UNDP, the World Bank and WHO – provide core partnerships and support, and we connect to a broad range of organizations through our board and committee members.

Our funders

TDR is funded by co-sponsors, governments, foundations and other agencies.

TDR has a range of partnerships that fall into the following categories:


We help bring research evidence to policy-makers so they can develop priorities and implement plans based on the latest findings.

Product development partners

We have helped initiate several product development partnerships (PDPs) that bring together pharmaceutical companies, governments and funders to develop needed medicines and diagnostics.

Research institutions and researchers

We support institutions and researchers, often linking them with each other so that together, they can build capacity and learn from each other.

Knowledge brokers

We support open access to information and work with groups that collect and share data.

Long-term partnerships that have made a difference

  • ESSENCE on Health Research is an international collaboration between research funders, development agencies, philanthropists and multilateral initiatives.
  • TDR and China: 30 years of collaboration
    The collaboration between TDR and the Government of the People's Republic of China dates back to 1979. This video shows the impact toward the elimination of malaria and schistosomiasis.
  • Congenital syphilis on the way out
    In Haiti, the government, health centres and TDR have analyzed and distributed rapid diagnostic tests that can be done in remote areas without electricity, reducing dramatically the incidence of babies being born with syphilis.