ESSENCE on Health Research is an initiative that allows donors/funders to identify synergies, bring about coherence and increase the value of resources and actions for health research.

Over the past several decades the value and impact of funding for health research has been given increasing importance by all partners. The result has been a sharp rise in uncoordinated and fragmented funding of an increased number of initiatives and projects.

Recognizing that such fragmentation and lack of coordination wastes time and effort, ESSENCE on Health Research initiative members and partners are committed to harmonizing and aligning research for health funding and promoting better strategic cooperation between partners, particularly among bilateral development agencies and funding organizations.

Since its inception in 2008, issues of research evaluation, impact, use of evidence and ultimate improvement of health outcomes have been a focus of the initiative. ESSENCE has achieved remarkable progress in facilitating dialogue among all partners and piloting a number of innovative approaches to achieve its goals.

This important progress was also acknowledged by a review conducted in late 2015, which motivated continuation of this unique initiative.

Members and partners of ESSENCE continue to work together to fulfil their objective to strengthen research capacity for health in low-and middle-income countries (LMICs).

TDR contact

Dr Garry Aslanyan
Manager, Partnerships and Governance
ESSENCE on Health Research Secretariat
World health Organization/TDR
Telephone: (+41) 22 791 2591