The ANDI Task Force

A major outcome of the 1st ANDI Stakeholders Meeting (Abuja, October 2008), was the request to establish an ANDI Task Force (TF) that would assist in developing the ANDI strategy and its implementation plan on behalf of the stakeholders.

With the help of WHO/TDR, the TF was promptly constituted with clear terms of reference to develop the ANDI strategy and business plan.

Composition of the ANDI Task Force

  • Dr Tom Mboya-Okeyo (Kenyan Ambassador to UN Geneva) - Chair of the Task Force
  • Dr Alex Ochem (ICGEB - South Africa), Secretary of the Task Force
  • Dr Uford Inyang, National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development, Nigeria
  • Dr Anthony Mbewu, Medical Research Council of South Africa
  • Dr Sanaa Botros, Theodor Bilharz Research Institute, Cairo, Egypt
  • Dr Anastasia Guantai, University of Nairobi, Kenya
  • Dr Tshinko Ilunga, African Development Bank, Tunisia
  • Dr Peter Atadja, Novartis, USA (representing Africans in Diaspora)
  • Representative of the EU
  • WHO/TDR Secretariat:
    • Dr Rob Ridley, TDR Director
    • Dr Solomon Nwaka, Leader Discovery and Innovation, TDR

Following several meetings of the TF and with the support of McKinsey & Co, the Strategic Business Plan was launched in October 2009 at the 2nd ANDI Stakeholders Meeting in Cape Town and was unanimously endorsed (through a resolution).