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TDR Global is launching a 3-month mobilization on gender equity in health research!

Engage in this mobilization and take part in workshops, trainings and video sharing taking place all around the globe, to share best practces on his topic.

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A platform for research networking

In one place, researchers at all levels working on diseases of poverty.

Looking for an expert who has worked on some aspect of infectious diseases of poverty? Need a multi-disciplinary team? Would you like some additional exposure for your work?

TDR Global was designed for you. This is a public database of people from around the globe who have received grants or other funding, been experts on our committees or involved in partnerships.

Launching TDR Global

I have been fortunate to lead the development of TDR Global, the new platform for research networking. . It has been a stimulating and rewarding collaboration across TDR and with the TDR Global working group. It’s very exciting to be launching this at 2 major symposia – in Atlanta at the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 13-17 November, and in Vancouver at the Global Symposium on Health Systems Research 14-18 November. Read more

Beatrice Halpaap, TDR Portfolio and Programme Manager

Why TDR created this platform

TDR has funded researchers and projects over 40 years. There are thousands of people throughout the world who are part of the TDR family – some work together formally but many others are looking for ways to connect.

We also want to track what people do with the TDR support. This helps us see what works and how we can improve. Here are our goals:

  • Understand the impact of TDR affiliations on succeeding careers.
  • Document the career track of grantees to provide insight to further develop grant support.
  • Map technical expertise to make it available to the global community.
  • Engage individuals and institutions in strengthening research capacity for diseases of poverty.


Here are some of the benefits of TDR Global:

  • Showcase your professional profile to others looking for experts
  • Find experts and set up collaborations
  • Become a mentor, find a mentor
  • Receive the latest news and grant opportunities from TDR and elsewhere

Recent news

Try it out!

If you are a current or former TDR grantee, trainee, expert advisor, staff or committee member, and you would like to register, please email TDR first:

ORCID – connecting research and researchers

Rob Terry, TDR’s Knowledge Manager, explains why TDR now asks all its research partners to obtain their free unique ORCID iD for use in all grant and publication activities.

Learn more about TDR Global

Meet some members of the TDR Global ad hoc working group

This is a small group of TDR grantees and advisory experts committed to expanding TDR community engagement. They are designing a strategy to tap into the wealth of expertise of TDR Global members.

Dr Atupele Kapito-Tembo

Atupele Kapito-Tembo’s work with communities in Malawi has been focused on malaria, HIV and schistosomiasis. She’s also developed a national network of women to help career planning.

Professor Rosanna Peeling

Rosanna Peeling’s work in diagnostics research has led to new rapid testing and disease elimination campaigns for sexually transmitted infections such as syphilis and HIV.