Scientific Working Group on Lymphatic Filariasis

Meeting report, Geneva, 10-12 May 2005

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Publication date: 2005
WHO reference number: TDR/SWG/05
Number of pages: 136
Languages: English



The Lymphatic Filariasis Scientific Working Group (SWG) was convened by WHO/TDR to review the current state of knowledge regarding the GPELF and to recommend research priorities that could best address the questions facing this global programme. More than 30 experts from around the world participated in the discussions, 10–12 May 2005, in Geneva

Working papers prepared in advance of the meeting summarized the available evidence with respect to the effectiveness of MDA in different epidemiologic settings, the status of the disability prevention programme, and the state of art of diagnostic and modelling tools to support the global programme. These working papers represented the starting point for in-depth discussions at the SWG meeting. In addition, the SWG was able to capitalize on recent meetings at which LF research had been reviewed in detail. At the LF Research Forum held in December 2003, scientists were asked to summarize research needs and opportunities for research on LF. The products of these deliberations were published as a journal supplement. Furthermore, in November 2004, WHO sponsored an informal consultation to discuss issues arising out of five years of programme implementation.