Scientific working group report on dengue

Meeting report. 1–5 October 2006, Geneva, Switzerland

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Publication date: 20061005
WHO reference number: TDR/SWG/08
Number of pages: 168
Languages: English



Dengue is the most rapidly spreading vector borne disease. An estimated 50 million dengue infections occur annually and approximately 2.5 billion people live in dengue endemic countries. Because of the rapidly increasing public health importance of this disease, in 1999 dengue was incorporated in the portfolio of the UNICEF, UNDP, World Bank, WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR). The 2002 World Health Assembly Resolution WHA55.17 urged greater commitment to dengue among Member States and WHO; of particular significance is the 2005 Revision of the International Health Regulations (WHA58.3), which includes dengue as an example of a disease that may constitute a public health emergency of international concern. It was against this background that the Dengue Scientific Working Group of 60 experts from 20 countries including WHO staff from four Regions and Headquarters met in Geneva in October 2006 to review existing knowledge on dengue and establish priorities for future dengue research aimed at improving dengue treatment, prevention and control.