Fame Editorial guidelines

Published on behalf of FAME (Forum for African Medical Editors)

Publication details

Publication date: 2004
WHO reference number: TDR/RCS/FAME/04.2
Number of pages: 68
Languages: English



The creation of FAME (Forum for African Medical Editors) has been the first step taken by 15 African medical journal editors to set up a professional association and network that will review the problems faced by their journals and try to find common solutions.

FAME has proposed to review existing guidelines, adapt them to Africa and compile them into a brief printed handbook. The guidelines cover essential areas of editorial and publishing standards, ethics and scientific integrity as well as data reporting and analysis, referencing and bibliographic citations.

FAME guidelines address the needs of the three main actors in medical journal publishing: the editors, the reviewers and the authors. While editors should have an overview of the whole editorial process, reviewers and authors will find useful information about the way they should conduct their work.

Essential documents such as the Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts to Biomedical Journals and the Helsinki Declaration have been reproduced in the appendices of this booklet for ready reference. Users are also invited to visit, whenever possible, the web sites of other international editors’ associations on which the FAME guidelines are based.