Surveying and evaluating ethical review practices

A complementary guideline to the operational guidelines for ethics committees that review biomedical research

Publication details

Publication date: 2002
WHO reference number: TDR/PRD/ETHICS/2002.1
Number of pages: 29
Languages: English



In 2000, TDR introduced the Operational guidelines for ethics committees that review biomedical research, which provide essential guidance for the development of the constitution, composition, and procedures of ethics committees and ethical review systems.

This guideline on Surveying and Evaluating Ethical Review Practices is intended to be complementary to the Operational Guidelines. Its purpose is to facilitate and support procedures for assisting the development of quality and transparency in ethical review.

The Guideline is developed as a means to contribute to the education of ethics committees through review and evaluation of their practices. It is also intended to contribute to justified public confidence in the ethical review of research involving human participants. Finally, this Guideline is intended to assist public authorities and national associations involved with developing ethical review systems in promoting good ethical review practices.

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