Using the five keys to improving research costing in low- and middle-income countries

A Training Module

ESSENCE on Health Research

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Number of pages: 36
Publication date: April 2014
Languages: English
WHO reference number: TDR/ESSENCE/1.14



This package of materials is designed to support training related to research costing, and can be used to assist trainers to deliver short presentations as well as more in-depth workshops. The pack supplements the Five Keys To Improving Research Costing In Low- And Middle Income Countries document by providing additional examples and activities to guide trainees through various processes that will help them to grapple with and grasp the concepts. It is designed to help research practitioners, from heads of faculties to new entrants to the research or finance office, to acquire new insights and skills, as well as to equip colleagues who already have experience in this field with the resources they need to teach others.

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