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A unique and specialised catalogue of video material covering all aspects of the TDR programme, including, target diseases, sponsored projects, institutions and individuals.

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TDR celebrates 40 years of commitments

May 2014

This video was produced for a special seminar at the 2014 World Health Assembly. It was at the Assembly 40 years earlier where Member States called on the World Health Organization’s Director-General to establish a programme like TDR. The video provides an overview of the Programme’s key achievements since then, includes perceptions from a wide group of stakeholders – donors, grant recipients, government and international officials – and it also shows some newer work to help low- and middle-income countries identify and manage health system bottlenecks and prevent diseases like dengue and Chagas disease.

Dengue research in Colombia

June 2014

The city of Girardot, located on the banks of the Magdalene River in Colombia, is an important summer vacation spot. The region’s tropical climate draws not only tourists but also provides the perfect conditions for the reproduction of the Aedes aegypti, the mosquito that transmits the dengue virus that can be deadly.

Chagas disease in Bolivia

May 2014

In Palmarito, Bolivia, a simple farming lifestyle has not changed much in hundreds of years. Water is still collected and carried by hand, there is no electricity, and the homes are simple mud hut structures. People depend on chickens and pigs for food, and they keep them close. But this lifestyle is in danger from a small bug called a triatomine, or “el timbucu” as the locals call it, which transmits a parasite to animals and people. It hides in the cracks of mud walls, under mattresses and in the fur of animals.

Implementation research toolkit

March 2014

This video explains an implementation research toolkit that was designed for use in low- and middle-income countries. It includes footage from a 2013 workshop in Bangladesh, and interviews with people using it to improve and expand the use of critical health products to underserved communities. This video is part of a package of materials that also include a participant manual, a trainer’s manual, and slides for use in workshops. The toolkit was produced by TDR, the Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases, to help people learn a standard process that would lead to results that could be compared across regions and countries.

The full set of materials is available here

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