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A video guide to a stepwise surface examination of newborns

December 2012

This video shows how to assess a newborn for birth defects. Sometimes, birth defects can be linked to drug exposure during the pregnancy. However, early assessment for birth defects through newborn screening can also show that a treatment need not be contraindicated in pregnancy, because it has no risk for adverse outcomes. This screening can help get life-saving treatments to the mother, child or both. The training for this DVD was carried out by Prof Lewis Holmes, who trained Ghanaian nurse/midwives in a small facility outside Accra. After training, the health workers were filmed carrying out the assessments themselves. This DVD, developed by the World Health Organization through TDR and the Reproductive Health and Research Programme has been successfully used to train other health workers in five countries (four in Africa and one in South America). It supports a new protocol for a pregnancy registry.

Community volunteers treating malaria and pneumonia

May 2012

This video takes place in Burkina Faso, and highlights a research study looking at whether local trained volunteers in isolated communities can manage both malaria and pneumonia. Previous TDR studies have shown that this approach can effectively treat the biggest killer of children under the age of 5 in Africa – malaria, estimated to cause nearly a million deaths a year in the continent. This study adds pneumonia, which is the second biggest cause of death for young children in Africa.

TDR - research for a changing world

June 2011

This video was produced by the Global Health Council as part of the 2011 Gates Global Health award given to TDR. It outlines TDR's main achievements and history since its inception, and includes interviews with ministers of health, heads of research institutions, and representatives of WHO offices from around the world.

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