TDR 2016 Results Report


Publication details

Number of pages: 42
Publication date: June 2017
Languages: EN
WHO reference number: TDR/STRA/17.1



The TDR Results Report illustrates progress made against the 23 key performance indicators that are part of the monitoring and evaluation matrix, in line with the current Performance Assessment Framework.

The report shows progress made on various performance indicators related to three overarching categories related to not only on what is done (technical expected results), but also on how it is done (application of organizational core values and managerial performance).

The report notes a high implementation rate, numerous new health tools that are being used in critical areas, and an expanded education and training programme, particularly focused on researchers in disease endemic countries. It provides summaries of activities to increase equity, such as increasing opportunities for women. The report includes a series of lessons learnt that have further improved the Programme’s managerial effectiveness.