Building on our 35 year history, TDR supports innovative research on neglected priority needs for disease control. Our goal is to support research in the countries where the diseases are prevalent. We focus on research that:

  • develops innovative new products, tools and strategies
  • evaluates interventions in real-life settings
  • increases access to interventions.

TDR depends on hundreds of reviewers to help us assess the competency of grant proposals, advise on our strategies and workplans, mentor up and coming researchers, and help increase the overall research capacity in low- and middle-income countries. See the list of these valuable partners who come from all over the world and share our passion to build research capacity where it’s needed the most.

Recent news

The challenges of disease elimination – the example of visceral leishmaniasis


Progress towards the elimination of a neglected tropical disease from a country can sometimes be a curse. It’s easily interpreted that there is no longer any need to address the health problem, and limited resources are redirected to the next priority.